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As my time here in Chapel Hill comes to an end, it’s time for a look back. With “Best of 2012”-lists popping up right and left I guess I’ll blend right in. Overgeneralizations and causing offense to any individual are both fully intended. Let’s go!

Things I’m gonna miss:

1. Speaking English:
This might be suprising for y’all Americans, but your law system is weird and I can’t use it in Germany. So, what’s left after that? Language skills! Aside from proper English, I got a chance to casually improve my Rap-lingo, as well. ‘Cause let’s face it: English be the most hood language, bruh! (Anyone who has ever watched movies like “How High” in German will attest to this.)
The fact that this whole text is probably full of typos and grammatical non-sense may or may not be taken as proof that my progress was feeble.

2. Rap music
I have to admit it: I kinda got back into dumb Rap music. While this might be shocking to some folks back home, it just happened. I couldn’t help it. It’s all about sick beats and talkin’ fly, yo! Thank you, A$AP Mob, 2 Chainz and Juicy J. Also, if you haven’t made it rain in a while, fret not. (Btw, this song may be old news, but I call “duh” to be the next big thing after “swag”.)

3. Food
Not much to say here: Burgers, Wings, Chicken-Biscuit-Whatevers, Ranchsauce, Cinnamon-Rolls, Mexican “Food-Babies” aka Burritos. Fuckin’ love it.

4. Weather
This thing they call “winter” here is awesome. It’s like late September weather. Today, it was 16 degrees Celcius with the sun shining. Fuck yeah! I’m usually a big winter guy - but this shit here is dope.

5. Walgreens
Wait, what? Yes, you read that right. Walgreens. The one on Franklin, specifically. Being the sheltered country boy I am, it’s the American dream come true to be able to shop for Sponge-Bob bandaids and Oreo knock-offs at 2.45am after gettin’ wild a bar. We might have gas stations in Augsburg, but they just ain’t the same.

6. The Chapel Hill Barbor Shop
If there are places in Augsburg where you can get a decent hair cut with no appointment for $16, I haven’t found it yet. That, and these guys actually don’t get on your tits with stupid ass small talk. Seriously, fuck small talk.

Things I won’t miss:

1. The “Club-Scene”
See those quotation marks? Yeah, they’re there because there is no “Club-Scene” (I probably just haven’t discovered it, but does that hold me back from judging? Fuck no, I ain’t studying law for nothing. I’ll jugde however I see fit!). There are, of course, a lot of bars. But they’re all the same! Seriously, even Juicy’s bandz can make you dance only so many times. Give me some variety!

2. Gettin’ carded.
This shit is annoying. While in Germany I might be flattered and giggle like a dumbass when asked for my ID to buy beer (legal age is 16 there), it’s just plain stupid here. I’m 23, I rock a mean beard. Gimme that cheap ass PBR and leave me the hell alone. I know well enough which toxins I’d like to put into my body.

3. Beer
The thing is: y’all don’t have only bad beer. But the price gap between a decent beer and the rest is just ridiculous. A 24-pack of piss goes for, like, $14 but a sixpack of craft beer is like $10? Fuck outta here! Then again, I’m not frontin’. I did go for the piss 9 times out of 10.

4. Public drinking
Yo, I need my beer out in the world sometimes! Sitting inside all day studying hard can get depressing. So why the hell can’t I sit in front of the library and sip on a brewski? Also, not being able to take casual hits from a 40oz. after my last exam severely fucks up my post-finals game.

5. Bread
Fuck, you Americans have no clue what so ever how to bake decent bread. Like, nada. Niente. NEIN!

6. College steeze
When the flyest mofo on the set is rocking a tent-sized shirt and huge ass chinos plus white socks and fucked up boat shoes, you know you’re on campus. Step yo’ game up, ‘merica! Also, jeans and flip-flops. Don’t do that shit.

To sum it up: some shit sucked, some was mad decent. Am I glad to go back to Germany? Yap. But will I miss Chapel Hill? Definitely. There is a ton of other stuff that I loved and numerous awesome moments that I’ll probably have forgotten by the time my plane lands in Germany. I had the chance to meet some awesome people and spend some chill times. See y’all around!